NOTE: This list is for information purposes only and is not an accurate list of what may or may not be competing during a specific event. Please refer to the current Rules and Regulation for more specific details.


This class is for beginners.


The AM & PRO Superbike class will be for motorcycles:

  • Over 240cc, 2-stroke, 2-cylinder, G.P. style
  • 600 to 1000 cc and over 4-stroke, 3 / 4-cylinder
  • 750 to 1200 cc Twin Liquid Cooled Four Stroke
  • 1000 cc to unlimited Air-Cooled Twin Four Stroke


The sportsman classes designed in 2003 for the 2004 season were developed to combine some of the RACE Classes that did not have very large entries.  The process of streamlining several classes was designed to have larger grids on the track, have a more competitive field and to increase the entertainment value for the spectators. The Pro and Am Lightweight Superbike, Pro and Am Twins and Club Cup along with several of the Vintage Class bikes have been combined to create the Sportsman Classes listed below.  Each Sportsman class will allow for slick tires to be used.  The current list of eligible bikes and restrictions may be modified to accommodate other types, and/or makes and models.  All decisions regarding these classes will be based upon the rules regarding competition and fair play.


  • Up to 550cc 4-stroke twin cylinder, any year
  • Up to 400cc 4-stroke multi cylinder, any year
  • Unlimited 4-stroke single cylinder, any year
  • Unlimited 2-stroke single/twin, twelve (12) model years or older production based (excluding GP)


  • Up to 1200 cc 4-stroke twin cylinder, air cooled any year
  • Up to 600cc 4-stroke multi cylinder, twelve (12) model years or older 
  • Unlimited multi-cylinder, two stroke twelve (12) model years or older
  • 250 GP  12 model years or older
  • 125 GP any year


  • 651cc and over 4-stroke twin cylinder, any year
  • 601cc and over 4-stroke multi cylinder, twelve (12) model years and older


  • Any year Kawasaki EX 250, EX 300, EX 400,  
  • Any year Hyosung 250 GT, Yamaha R3, KTM 390
  • Any year CBR 250, CBR 300, CBR 500
  • 380cc Four stroke multi or twin
  • 400cc Four stroke single
  • 500cc Four stroke air cooled (vintage legal)
  • Other models considered upon request


The Lightweight Superbike class will be for motorcycles:

  • Up to 650cc Four stroke, liquid cooled twins
  • Up to 500cc Four stroke, liquid cooled multis
  • Up to 650cc Four stroke single
  • Up to 500cc Street based two strokes
  • Up to 250cc GP based liquid cooled two-stroke


The AM & PRO Sportbike class will be for motorcycles:

  • Up to 600cc Multi Cylinders Four Stroke
  • Up to 850cc Liquid Cooled Twin Four Stroke
  • Up to 1350 cc Air Cooled Twin Four Stroke
  • Triumph 675 and MV Agusta F3 675 Triples and Kawasaki ZX636 are legal


The Sprint Cup class is open to all competition motorcycles from most classes. Participants must be able to lap at no less than 125% of the pole sitter’s pace (to be determined according to qualifying times).  All motorcycles must meet the requirements of the pre-established series’ classes.

Open to both AM & PRO riders. Novice riders are not eligible.


Will participate in Super Series rounds based on Sidecar Racing Association (SRA) guidelines / rules.