16 Sep

Elie Daccache Breaking Records and Winning Races as Championship Wins Add Up

Ever since joining the Super Series in the 1999 season, Elie Daccache has done one thing and one thing only; dominate the series. Competing in both the Sprint Cup and Pro Superbike classes, Daccache has been a mainstay contender for the top step of the podium for the last two decades. 

Looking for his seventh consecutive championship winning season, Daccache claimed two Pro Sportbike titles in 2015 and 16 and Is looking to make it five in a row in both Pro Superbike and Sprint Cup receptively. However, Daccache’s love for motorcycles began back when was a young man growing up in Ottawa. 

“I was one of those bad boys from the streets of Ottawa,” Daccache said. “After a few years of riding on the street, I decided to try out the track. After my first track day, I was hooked. Following that, I didn’t even have any street bikes anymore just race bikes.”

Daccache dominates week in and week out, winning races by over 40-second margins to second place. While some might think that Daccache is bored out there running all by himself, it might be surprising to know that each win still feels as good as the first one. 

Sometimes with the fluctuating bike numbers, Daccache is able to get a few faster bikes to compete with. He loves every second of the challenge and sees it as a way to go out and have even more fun. Constantly improving himself and the bikes, Daccache tries to get as close as he can to the track records each week. Holding a number of them already, beating his own record means even more pride. 

“It really does feel good,” Daccache said “I think that’s the key, just to find a way to keep the feeling alive and fresh. With the current climate, we have seen the grids fluctuate and there isn’t always someone to race with. So progressively improving myself and my bikes, as well as getting close to the track records is what keeps the fun there.”

Having raced a bike at many tracks all over Canada, Daccache still loves coming back to Shannonville as he pretty much has the place figured out by memory. Whether it be Pro, Long, Nelson or Fabi, any track on any day and any time Daccache can win. 

Able to almost drive the track with his eyes closed, Daccache has love for the Birthplace of Champions as it was one of the tracks that helped him launch his own career back in the 90s. 

“I pretty much have this place committed to memory,”  Daccache said. “Every curve, corner, small bump, I could probably draw it out without even being at the track. I don’t know what necessarily suits me, but I have a lot of laps at Shannonville. I started my career there and it’s the Birthplace of Champions and it really is a place where a rider can learn a lot.” 

Regional racing a very important part of racing in Canada, and Daccache loves the impact this kind of racing has on riders. The Super Series aims to give riders a fun and safe challenge, as well as an opportunity to learn and grow their skills. While Daccache didn’t get to where he is over night, he always jumps at the chance to give any up-and-coming rider some advice. It’s always a tough and long road to get to the top of any division and if you’re receptive to advice, Daccache is willing to help you grow. 

“This type of regional racing is an incubator and a safe place for up and comers to test their skills,” Daccache added. “During my ascension to where I am now, I think that there have been a lot of people that have mentored me and I try to give that back when I can. If I see people struggling out there, I’m very free to give advice.” 

The Super Series is a big family and for Daccache the hardest part about racing during Covid is the person-to-person interaction has been very limited. While still able to see all of his friends and competitors in the paddock, the real sense of community hasn’t gone completely away due to the pandemic. 

“Pre-covid it wasn’t unusual to see everyone cooking together,” Daccache said. “Everyone enjoyed themselves, in just a fun camping atmosphere. It’s one thing to go there and compete, when that helmet goes down,you’re serious. You’re surrounded by so many good people, it really is fun to enjoy the common interest.”

With next year still being uncertain in the current climate, Daccache knows he wants two things; fun and a series that is easy on the checkbook. The Super Series has fit the bill for Daccache for a long time and as the world continues to recover, Daccache knows that as his career starts to wind down, he just wants to go out there and have fun. Winning races and championships are the fantastic icing on the cake.