14 Sep

Chris Fehr Continues to Live the Dream in Quest for the Next Title

For Chris Fehr, the Super Series journey has been one of ups and downs but most importantly: fun. Running in four different classes in the 2021 season, Fehr has been loving every second of being a Pro rider. 

Competing in Lightweight Sportsman, Pro Sportbike, Sprint Cup and Pro Superbike, Fehr has been an Ironman rider in the Super Series for over a decade. Running a busy schedule each week, Fehr is usually hopping off one bike and onto another to compete in a race immediately after the previous one. During the last weekend on the Nelson Track, Fehr claimed back-to-back checkered flags less than 20 minutes apart from each other. 

This season, Fehr has been loving the Pro Sportbike class and is chasing the championship in that class as well as Lightweight Sportsman. Despite the smaller field sizes, he has been having a ton of fun.

“I’m the leader in Lightweight Sportsman and I’m second in Pro Sportbike, I actually got my first win in that class last week,” Fehr said. “ Even though it was a smallish grid, it still felt really good to get that first win. It’s been a really fun summer so far.”

Fehr has been around bikes for as long as he can remember. Starting his career out west at Race City in Calgary, Fehr moved to Ontario and the racing bug never left. With each job bringing Fehr closer to Shannonville, what started out as 7 to 8 hour hauls from Sudbury turned into 40-minute commutes down the 401.

“It started a long time ago,” Fehr said.  “I grew up in Saskatchewan, B.C. and Alberta, and went to the FAST School that was out there. They used to haul all their stuff up to Calgary and race the track there. I got one job interview after university that was east of Regina, and I took a job in Sudbury and we were driving down to Shannonville about four of five weekends a year for racing. Now, I got a job close by and I’m able to sleep at home during race weekends.”

A veteran in the series, Fehr tries to give back any way he can. From mentoring the younger riders, to offering constructive feedback to other veterans, Fehr loves the sport and wants to see it grow. Fehr even started his own YouTube page to help riders master the tricky course at Shannonville. Everyone has to begin somewhere, and he loves offering help and feels pride knowing he has helped someone. 

“I try to help out,” Fehr said. “If I see someone I can give some constructive feedback to, I will. So, I do take some flattery when I’m able to help someone out. I have my own YouTube page (Chris Fehr on YouTube) and a lot of people have found it useful to help figure out the lines around this place.”

Fehr is no stranger to championship glory in the Super Series, having won countless trophies over the years. Topping the charts in Middleweight Sportsman last year, Fehr has had a steady run of at least one championship a year. Except maybe one year where he missed one. 

Each win still feels as good as the first one, and the fun has never stopped. The things Fehr misses the most are the biggest fields from the pre-Covid era of the series. With two of his classes hurting for bikes this season he hopes that next year, other riders can add a few more classes to their weekends. 

“It’s still nice to get one,” Fehr said. “I’ve been on a pretty good roll of winning championships these last couple of years, I think I only missed one year. I wish some more Lightweight Production riders would come over and battle with us, but it’ll be a fun one to wrap up.”

On track, Mike Raniowski has been Fehr’s favourite competitor to race against. Not taking any battle with Raniowski lightly, Fehr knows that if he wants to be the Pro Sportbike Champion he is going to have to defeat a very worthy but friendly competitor. Chasing these championships and lap records, are things Fehr loves to do in order to strive himself to be better each weekend. 

“I like to go out and chase my own personal records and championship chase,” Fehr said. “Due to Covid, the numbers haven’t been as exciting, but it’s fun cause Mike’s [Raniowski] got the first two wins and I got one of my own and I really have to beat him two in a row which will be hard cause I’ve only beat him once. I’m really excited for that class and to get back out on track.”

Next season, Fehr expects more of the same. He may add a few new classes to his bill, but the Super Series is where he will be next year. Racing VRRA vintage bikes, Fehr also plans to buy a car that he can use for lapping days at the track. 

A true journeyman, Fehr’s passion is racing. Firing up that bike for the first time on a weekend still has that same Christmas morning feeling, and whether it’s a good day or a bad day, Fehr loves every second of it.