24 Aug

First ever PRO wins for Connor Campbell in the Super Series

Shannonville (ON) August 24, 2020 – Friday’s rain may have delayed the testing sessions, but spirits remained optimistic as a large contingent of racers competed in the second round of the Super Series this past weekend.

Elie Daccache continues to dominate the Pro Superbike ranks, again, handily winning both races of the weekends’ double-header. Daccache took his Yamaha R1 to commanding wins, unchallenged in his efforts. Kingston’s Chris Fehr had a race long battle with Daniel-Eric Ouimet but held off the flying Quebec rider to maintain the second step of the podium. The top three Pro’s repeated their results on Sunday, cementing the double-header scores.

In Amateur Superbike action, Jordan Royds maintained his momentum with another brilliant ride and finished in first place. In second was Dan Lewczuk with Martin Perreault in third. Royds again took the win on Sunday with the same duo of Lewczuk and Perreault chasing him to the podium.

Connor Campbell earned his first win as a Pro in the Sportbike contest with a large lead. The 21-year-old rider repeated the stunning performance in Sunday’s race. Chris Fehr, who brought seven trophies home this weekend, and Dave Buckland exchanged places on the two days with Fehr finishing second on Saturday and Buckland taking the honors on Sunday.

The Amateur Sportbike action saw Richard Diaz and Brad Macrae fight intensely on Saturday’s race. Unfortunately, their battle – and the race – ended abruptly when Diaz lost control of his machine and both riders collided in corner four. Luckily, without severe injuries.  Going back one lap for finishing results, Diaz got first place, followed by Macrae.  Nathan Playford got third place. Sunday’s contest saw Playford take the top step of the podium, with a hard-charging Matt Simpson battling in second leaving Matthew Annable to take third place. Simpson had a race long battle with Annable for second place. The two riders exchanged places several times but when the checkered was waved, it was Simpson in second leaving Annable in third.

The Novice class presents a fine selection of newcomers to motorcycle road racing this season. Drew Weber showed he has the skills and performed very well with two wins this weekend. In second place was Ian Broomfield both days followed by Eric Gionet and Wesley Barnes, respectively for Saturday and Sunday.

The weather held all day, but the humidity was getting heavier and heavier until a dark cloud burst on the Sidecars race on Sunday. Those odd, yet charming machine offered an enjoyable and entertaining show and a win with a margin of 0.335 seconds over Ian Boddaert over Colin Duncan. Duncan was followed by Russ Miller who won the previous day with Boddaert in second and Michael Vinten in third.

The third and final round of the Super Series will take place on September 19th and 20th.   For more information, visit www.super-series.ca or follow the Super Series on Facebook.

Race 3 podium finishers

Pro Superbike, 1st Elie Daccache, 2nd Chris Fehr, 3rd Eric Ouimet
Am Superbike: 1st Jordan Royds, 2nd Richard Diaz, 3rd Martin Perreault
Pro Sportbike: 1st Connor Campbell, 2nd Chris Fehr, 3rd David Buckland
Am Sportbike: 1st Richard Diaz, 2nd, Brad Macrae, 3rd Nathan Palyford
Ltwt Superbike: 1st Alex Radecki 
Ltwt Production: 1st Mac Weil, 2nd Istan Hidvegi, 3rd Jean-François Cloutier

Lightweight Sportsman:1st Alex Radecki, 2nd, Chris Fehr, 3rd Istan Hidvegi
Mdltwt Sportsman: 1st Colin Duncan, 2nd Chris Fehr, 3rd Kayla Hannaford
Novice: 1st Drew Weber, 2nd Ian Broomfield, 3rd Eric Gionet

Sidecars: 1st Russ Miller, 2nd Ian Boddaert, 3rd Mike Vinten

Sprint Cup: 1st Jordan Royds, 2nd Connor Campbell, 3rd Eric Quinten.

Race 4 podium finishers;

Pro Superbike: 1st Elie Daccache, 2nd Chris Fehr, 3rd Daniel-Eric Ouimet

Am Superbike: 1st Jordan Royds, 2nd Dan Lewczuk, 3rd Martin Perreault
Pro Sportbike: 1st Connor Campbell, 2nd Dave Buckland,3rd Chris Fehr
Am Sportbike: 1st Nathan Playford, 2nd Matt Simpson, 3rd Matthew Annable

Ltwt Superbike: 1st Alex Radecki

Ltwt Production: 1st Mac Weil, 2nd Istan Hedvegi, 3rd Jean-François Cloutier
Ltwt Sportsman:1st Alex Radecki, 2nd Chris Fehr, 3rd Istan Hedvegi

Mdltwt Sportsman: 1st Chris Fehr, 2nd Jose Azevedo, 3rd Colin Duncan
Novice: 1st Drew Weber, 2nd Ian Broomfield, 3rd Wesley Barnes

Sidecars: 1st Ian Boddeart, 2nd Colin Duncan, 3rd Russ Miller

Sprint Cup: 1st Jordan Royds, 2nd Sarah-Michelle Cotton, 3rd Martin Perreault