25 May

The Super Series Launches Its 2020 Revised Schedule

Shannonville (ON), May 25, 2020 – RACE Events Inc. is pleased to launch the 2020 revised calendar of the Super Series, the regional and most popular motorcycle racing series. Based on its originally planned calendar, the Super Series (formerly known as RACE) will hold three racing events and a test weekend, starting June 5, 2020.

As the Ontario COVID-19 restrictions slowly decrease, motorsports organizations were able to reopen and resume their activities.  Since the restrictions currently in place have a direct impact on how a race weekend timetable will be structured, patience and creativity are amongst the many qualities the team will need in order to conquer this challenge. The best strategy at this point will be to plan one event at the time.

Revised Schedule 2020

Friday, June 5 – Test Day
Saturday, June 6 – PreSeason Racing School
Sunday, June 7 – Test Day

Round 1 – July 17-19

Round 2 – August 21-13

Round 3 – September 18-20

With the strong determination of giving a face-lift to the series, Dominique Bondar, General Manager of RACE Events brings to the team a vast knowledge of racing and has assembled a team that will help her achieve her goal.  The PreSeason Racing School will also be managed by the team.

Louey Jabouri – Race Director

Taking on the role of Race Director, Louey brings a wealth of racing knowledge to the team with decades of experience in both motorcycle and car racing. As a former competitor in both fields, Louey is a perfect fit to lead the events as he has a deep understanding of the distinctiveness of motorcycle racing.

David Grummett – Technical Director

David possesses all the qualities needed to be part of this team as Technical Director.  With over 30 years of experience as a riding instructor and many more as a competitor himself, he has won two Eastern Canada and one National Pro championships in addition to the Yamaha Cup track record at Shannonville. David was part of the series back in 1986 teaching the racing school and will be back at it again this year. Today, his professional life forces him to orbit around the motorcycle sphere and helps reveal his profound passion for that industry.

Jill Grummett – Chief Timing & Scoring

Jill, by accepting to take the role of the Chief Timing & Scoring, closes a long loop in the history of the series. Formerly managing the series herself and taking on almost all the responsibilities that came with the job, Jill comes back with a unique knowledge and tangible and very contagious enthusiasm.

Trevor Lamas – Official

Trevor joins the new team, bringing his years of experience as a series official. Trevor is also a series official with CTCC and has been for the past 8 years. He brings with him knowledge of different racing disciplines like drifting and open wheels.

William Kowalczyk – Official

Pro racer William Kowalczyk comes on board as Technical Scrutineer. New to the role of official, William wanted to help and stay involved.  This is a good example of what racers can do to give back to the sport. He is a perfect fit to take on what we hope will become a busy schedule.

Don Empey – Media Director 

Continuing as Media Director will be Don Empey who has covered the Super Series since 2004.  He has a vast knowledge of the series and with his fantastic personality was able to grow great relationships with the competitors over the years.

Anaïs Grenier-Chayer – Registrar

Anaïs is the first person the competitors will meet as she takes on the duty of registrar. Anaïs brings to the team a youthful exuberance and commitment to streamline the registration process. Much of the process will be modernized to web-based application.

The safety for all our competitors and staff is paramount and all restrictions will dictate our direction moving forward. We hope that competitors have a an enjoyable and satisfying experience after this long waiting period.

All competitors may register online on the Super Series website www.super-series.ca


Don Empey
Media Director

Dominique Bondar
General Manager