25 Oct

RACE Events: A Racing Management Organization

Shannonville, Ontario, October 25, 2019 – As new ownership takes on the revitalization of Shannonville Motorsport Park (Shannonville), a new corporate structure is established. The existing Shannonville entity known as RACE Events Inc. will now see itself restructured as a racing management organization.

With the amalgamation of both Corner2 Inc. and RACE Events Inc. activities, the RACE Events organization now owns and operates all racing series previously and separately owned by both. As such, CTCC presented by Pirelli, Super Series and F4 Cup are smoothly transitioning under the new banner. All upcoming series will be operated under the RACE Events division.

“As we move forward, we are implementing a structure and a vision that we believe in. It makes sense to build a racing management division that will provide growth for our company and for Canadian motorsport in general. The future looks very promising and I see this as an opportunity to develop new partnerships at a higher level ”, affirms Dominique Bondar, General Manager of RACE Events.

The normal operations of each series will not be affected. In time, overall processes will become unified for consistency. In addition, a Web portal will be created to gather together all racing brands, calendars and links to respective websites. The new portal will be located at www.raceevents.ca and should be live within a few weeks.

About RACE Events

RACE Event is Canada’s premier motorsports organization advancing sports car, single seater and motorcycle racing. It owns and manages the premier sports car series CTCC presented by Pirelli, the single seater F4 Cup, the motorcycle Super Series as well as other exciting series competing at Canada’s best circuits.